From: Chris Conard
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Support SB 97, Fund Education
Date: Mon Apr 06 21:21:17 MDT 2015

Dear State Representative Sanpei,

Utah is widely recognized as a well-managed state with a strong economy. At current levels of investment, measures of our state’s educational achievement show that we have fallen to the middle of the pack. This trend is perilous to our economic future.

Utahns want the legislature to invest in education while maintaining Utah’s attractive tax climate. We need to keep pace with enrollment growth and we need to improve educational outcomes. SB97 makes changes related to school property taxes and funding. By doing so, SB 97 will bring in $75 million in additional funding to education.  The average cost to a family is about $48 and to a business is $348  annually. We can no longer delay funding education. We must outline comprehensive investments  to ensure the needs of schools and students are met.

Now is the time to invest in the future of Utah. That future is our most valuable asset, our children. For too long we have been satisfied doing the minimum to financially invest in education and now we are seeing the results.

We have dropped in student performance, 1 in 5 students are not completing high school, and 1 in 3 prison inmates do not have a high school diploma. When these trends are the reality, then we end up spending more in incarceration, unemployment benefits and other costs associated with supporting an uneducated future generation.

Utah has waited too long and the legislature has dragged their feet too long on adequately funding education. We are no longer in recession and currently our state economy is booming, NOW is the time to put our money where our mouth is.

If you care about education, if you care about children, if you care about the future of our state. Then you will vote yea on SB97 that will provide more investment to the long term success of our economy and state.

Please make education funding a priority so that we can prepare our young people to be among the most educated workforce in the nation. Please invest in Utah’s future prosperity by supporting SB 97.

Sincerely, Chris Conard Playworks Utah 1747 S. Richards St. Salt Lake City, UT 84115