From: Linda Clark
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: please vote no on sb80s1
Date: Thu Mar 13 19:04:40 MDT 2014
hi representative sanpei,
writing to ask you to vote no on SB801.

This bill is currently circled in the House. It is a last-minute far-reaching bill that supports benefits for home, private, and charter schools while requiring that public school districts provide services for such students who are not counted in Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU) funding.  
For example, public districts would need to provide the supplemental services for home, private, and charter special education students in these online courses at the same time that private and/or higher education providers collect money for the online course(s).

At the same time, this bill lacks requirement that providers be vetted & licensed. In essence, this bill moves money and curriculum control from public districts to private and higher education providers without oversight.

linda clark