From: Russell and Shelley Johnson
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: please vote no on HB 241, HB 417, and SB 34 -- I'm a constituent
Date: Thu Mar 13 18:11:03 MDT 2014
Please vote no on HB 241 -- student information should be absolutely private and not given to government agencies or other groups. Please vote no on HB 417 - huge amounts of money should not be spent putting kids on a lextile system, nor should informational texts be given priority over literature. Daily/weekly data should be for the teachers and not the state. Individual Student data should be private and not shared with the state or anyone else but parents. Please vote no on SB 34 I don't want education and workforce services merged together. Students are not worker bees for the government. Utah Futures should not be outsourced to a third party, which could happen if this bill passes Thank you Shelley Johnson