From: Patti Harrington
Subject: Please OPPOSE SB34 S2
Date: Thu Mar 13 13:52:35 MDT 2014

House Representatives –


Your local boards of education continue to urge you to OPPOSE SB34 S2 Governance of the Utah Education and Workforce Alliance (H. Stephenson).


Consider what this bill does:

1.      Establishes a rule-making board (Utah Education and Workforce Alliance Governing Board) that has governance over education issues and thus has governance over the Utah State Board of Education.  This is in violation of Article 10, Section 3 of the Utah Constitution which gives general control and supervision to the Utah State Board of Education.  The bill is unconstitutional in that respect. 

2.      Moves all of the data functions currently under the Utah State Board of Education to the new board.  Student data have been gathered, stored, reported, researched, protected,  and appropriately accessed by those who have right to access (parents, school officials, state policy makers) for over a decade since the State Board first established its own Data Alliance.  The State Board’s Data Alliance has received awards for its excellence and has led the nation in state-driven and state-protected data collections.  As you would expect from good leadership, the State Board has been cautious, careful, and deliberative in forming its rules related to student data and privacy. 

3.      This bill is clearly a needless expansion of government and will duplicate services that must still be provided by the Utah State Board of Education.

4.      An alliance between public and higher education including UCAT, workforce services, and GOED is already in place, with many projects and programs that constantly demand good dialog and coordination.  This current alliance has been in place since 2007, and has accomplished many joint projects, including Utah’s first ability to follow student course/major choices from elementary school through college and into the workforce.  


Please OPPOSE SB34 S2.


Dr. Patti Harrington

Executive Director

Utah School Superintendents Association

860 E. 9085 South

Sandy, UT  84094

801-566-1207 (office)

801-913-7566 (cell)