From: Cherilyn Eagar
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Please Vote NO SB 218
Date: Thu Mar 13 01:37:57 MDT 2014
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Wednesday March 12, 2014
Please vote NO SB 218 Charter School Amendments

I support choice in education.  To me that means that we must take care to allow parents to choose between public, private and home school choices.  And as republicans our principles lie in protecting the free market. 

The charter school concept sounded great to many at first.  Indeed, I ran for the school board in Dallas on a platform of school choice.

Twenty years later we see what has happened.  A charter school is a privately funded school that receives public vouchers that follow the student to that school.  They are marketed as good as a private school.  What private school can compete with free?

This is damaging the private school options and of even greater concern, in some markets private parochial schools are either having to apply for a charter and then secularize or they may have to go out of business. 

It matters little whether a charter school is good, better or best.  Private and parochial schools everywhere are finding it more difficult to compete with publicly funded charter schools.  I have met with the Catholic dioceses of SLC and they are also concerned about this trend.

The history of the charter school/voucher system in Europe shows that eventually the voucher receiving schools forced the parochial schools to secularize.

Also the charter school is required to follow the state and federal regulations that bring them under the same testing and tracking system that parents everywhere are so concerned about, and because they take in populations from everywhere, the local taxpayer is disenfranchised being prohibited from running for that school board they are funding.  This represents the consolidation of power and removes accountability from the local community.

If we believe in the free market, we cannot possibly support the very model that is undermining it; as popular as it has become, it will kill choice. 

Please vote No SB 218

If you have questions, please contact me.

Cherilyn Eagar

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