From: Patti Harrington
Subject: Please OPPOSE SB74
Date: Mon Mar 10 17:24:12 MDT 2014

House Representatives –  SB74 may be heard in the House soon.  Please consider the information below and OPPOSE SB74.


SB74 Career and Technical Education Funding for Charter Schools (JS Adams)

Allows a charter school whose focus is to be an early college high school and whose 9-12 grade students will graduate with a high school diploma and a license, certificate, or other evidence of completion of career and technical education training and that contracts with UCAT, shall be eligible for money appropriated to the State Board for approved career and technical education programs.  Sets requirements for distribution of funds.  Funds may be used for instructional services and materials, reference materials, counseling services, or tracking, coaching, or mentoring services that assist students in developing competency to seek and realize occupational opportunities.  No funding requested.

Opposed.  UCAT already receives funding from CTE to provide educational opportunities for high school students, including those coming from charter schools.  This bill represents double dipping.


Dr. Patti Harrington

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