From: Sheila Anderson
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Please Oppose HB 159
Date: Mon Mar 10 16:03:37 MDT 2014

Dear Representative Sanpei,

On behalf of the Utah Association for the Education of Young Children (over 350 early childhood professionals throughout the state), we encourage you to stop HB 159 during the house vote. 

Although Representative Hughes suggests he has involved all stakeholders, the child care market includes both privately owned child care centers and family child care providers. 

The interests of family child care providers have not been adequately address in this bill. Family Child Care providers are left with an advisory board, while granting the new board for child care centers rule making authority. 

Thus, HB 159 will give privately owned child care centers greater regulatory authority and an edge in the market over family child care providers.

Utah has more family care providers (1,000), than center care providers (300) because many parents value home like environment for their children.    

Family child care providers own and run a child care business in their own home and their interests and parent choice should be protected. VOTE NO TO HB 159


Thanks for your consideration,

Sheila Anderson, Ph. D.

Executive Director

Utah Association for the Education of Young Children