From: Cathy Barlow
To: Brian Greene,
Subject: Prioritize HB sub 256 Adoptee
Date: Sun Mar 09 18:57:04 MDT 2014
Kendall H Williams
638 South 810 West
Pleasant Grove, Utah  84062
Please vote to prioritize HB sub 256  Adoptee Bill because the laws have to come into better alignment with the open adoptions that 99% of birthmothers and adoptive parents are choosing.  Adoptions are open but records are not.  This bill has been in the making since 1995 and we would like to have it voted on in this session.
This law is a win win for all parties.  It allows birthmother expanded options  (than just closed) at placement and flexibility to change their election any time they chose over the course of their life.   
This does not affect those born from 1941 to 2015 who will still be required to use the Mutual Consent Registry.  This bill  also improves the Registry to allow for more people to want to use it.  We were told that they have about 500 people registered and about 12 a year reunited.   There are significantly more Utah adoptees and birthmothers and birthsiblings on alternate online registries than 500.    There are approximately 200 parties registered a year from 1958 on to 1999 (200 x 70 years equal close to 14,000) for just Utah.
Please consider prioritizing this bill as the time is come for this law's place in Utah's statutes.