From: Vernon Denman
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson, Brad Wilson, Melvin Brown, Dean Sanpei, Joel Briscoe, Rebecca Houck, Tim Cosgrove, Jennifer M. Seelig,
Subject: What are you doing????????????????
Date: Sat Mar 08 06:12:41 MST 2014
Hello My name is Vernon Denman my e-mail is and I live in Tooele, Utah. This is a open question that I am sending to you and every other person I can get it to.  My question is simple what are you doing???, You were elected to take care of the people of the State of Utah, not play games with peoples lives!!!! Can you give me one good reason ( not some made up garbage) why there is no expanding of Medicaid in Utah (you can e-mail me at I have read all of the so called reasons out there but none are really very good. This is needed to take care of US the people of Utah, you know the ones you are suppose to take care of. I want you to know that from this date on I will hold you personally responsible for every Utah person that dies due to the lack of medical coverage and will list these murders against you  come your next election cycle.