From: ERIN DRUCE_eaglevalley
To: David Lifferth, Jacob Anderegg, Mike Kennedy, Keven John Stratton, Kay Christofferson, Brian Greene, Val Peterson, Dana Layton, Keith Grover, Marc Roberts, Michael Mckell, gibson, Rebecca Lockhart, Dean Sanpei,
Subject: PLEASE consider the following
Date: Fri Mar 07 23:08:55 MST 2014
Dear Representatives,
Please hear my plea as an educator in the state of Utah and more importantly as a Mother of children who are and will be in the Utah Education System.

Please, do NOT use the money you have so wisely allotted to help public education on HB131.

There are MANY greater needs than technology such as but not limited to:
              **Teacher pay (We are the last in entire country and millions (if not billions) would have to be allotted through you to even come close to the 49th state for teacher pay) One teacher salary is technically under the poverty level in the state of Utah. A one teacher salary income can receive food stamps, WIC and Medical help assistance. That makes no sense.
              **Fully Funding New Student Growth. ( 32- 5 year old's to a kindergarten class?? Would you want your precious 5 year old squished in a class with no one on one instruction? Our average class size is larger than most states as you already know.)
             ** Restore 2 Professional Development Days for teachers! You want us to be better teachers? We need time to train, get refreshed, plan and collaborate.

Technology funding will only cost us more money. Technology is great but gets outdated a year later. New versions are needed to run new updates. Subscriptions to anything worthwhile with technology cost even more money each year to resubscribe. More money is needed to provide trainings for all of this technology. More money is needed for costs when the technology breaks or malfunctions.

Please use our taxpayer dollars wisely. Please think of the parents, teachers and students when making this important vote. Is technology what our schools really need? My answer is NO.

Thank you for your time,
A very concerned mother and teacher.
Erin Druce
5th Grade Teacher
Eagle Valley Elementary School