From: Eugene Powell Till
To: Till, Eugene Powell,
Subject: Please vote YES
Date: Fri Mar 07 13:23:21 MST 2014
Please vote YES on HB 228.

H.B. 228   When this bill becomes law the State School Board election will become a partisan election.
Those running for the State School Board will have to declare party affiliation and face the delegates at a state convention just like the other candidates for state office.  
When their names are placed on the ballot for the primary or general election the citizen will know their party affiliation and be able to vote for the candidate whose philosophy is most closely aligned with theirs.   
This process will make the school board candidates accountable to those people who will elect them rather than being appointed nominees through a Governor controlled process!

  I want the right to vote for our State School Board.

Thank you for voting YES.

Eugene Powell Till
204 E. 4635 N.
Provo, Utah 84604
Cell: 801 602 3612