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Subject: Seniors Create Their Own Communities in Cities
Date: Fri Mar 07 12:50:53 MST 2014

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2014 Governors Races: A Look at the Too-Close-to-Call Contests

We examine the tossup gubernatorial races in the six states where votes will likely matter the most.

Cities Consider Taxing Commuters to Drive Up Revenue

Taxes on commuters (and reverse commuters) represent a largely untapped source of revenue that cities may begin to target more aggressively -- particularly if they’re struggling. View data showing the cities with the most outside workers and reverse commuters.

Gay Rights Movement Sees Historic Gains in Many States

A new report details state legislation that impacted the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. While much of the report strikes a hopeful note, it also anticipates more political battles ahead.


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Number of states where wage increases went into effect on Jan. 1 this year.

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This ongoing series goes back to the basics to help public officials navigate the sometimes-confusing world of GASB, OPEB, DBs and P3s.


March 7, 2014

Seniors Create Their Own Communities in Cities

More and more seniors are creating naturally occurring retirement communities, forcing cities to rethink zoning laws and how they provide services.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

With 1 Day Left, Virginia Lawmakers Nearing Historic Budget Stalemate over Medicaid
Audit Clears Christie on Sandy Contract But Raises Other Questions
Venture Capitalist Running a Very Expensive Campaign for Governor of Illinois
Florida Governor Talks Politics in State of State Speech
Health & Human Services
GAO to Investigate State-Based Health Exchanges
Pennsylvania Governor Surprises Critics by Preventing Cuts in Food Stamps
Many States Trying New Drug-Testing Programs for Welfare Applicants
Two More Texas Abortion Clinics Close
Public Safety & Justice
Prescription Drug Crackdown Fueled Rise in Heroin Use
Records Show FBI Urged Public Officials to Be Charged in Abuse-of-Power Probe
Idaho Bill to Allow Guns on College Campuses Sent to Governor
New App Lets Police Officers Know If They're Too Tired to Work
U.S. Sues Philly School District over Beard-Length Rule
Arizona Senate Kills Bill to Ban Common Core

Top 6 ways process and content management can help your public assistance department

All public assistance divisions aim to provide fast, efficient service to those who need it most. Unfortunately, business process challenges often get in the way. Read more to learn how a technology solution can make a dramatic difference. Download here.


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States Consider Relaxing Rules About Instructional Time Due to Winter Weather

An especially harsh winter has prompted even southern states to consider relaxing the number of days children have to be in school.


B&G Report: Public Records of the Dead, Empty Committees and Pension Tips

All the public-sector management news you need to know.


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