From: Kris Kimball
To: Kris Kimball,
Subject: Please Vote YES on HB228 Rep Greens School Board Elections Bill
Date: Fri Mar 07 08:18:39 MST 2014

Dear Representative,



Please vote yes on this bill that will make our School Board officials accountable in the same way you are accountable to the people of Utah. The Caucus Convention System has worked with getting good people like you elected to the legislature, why not let that same caucus convention system give us the same great results with our State School Board Candidates.  


I have seen the upmost respect given to our citizens when they come up to the Legislature to have their voice heard or to testify. As I watch and attend State School Board Meetings, the openness, courtesy and respect that I see at the Legislature, is missing at our State School Board Meetings. Our current system of electing our school board is flawed, it has created a 4th branch of Government that is removed from any accountability to parents and voters.


Partisan Board races will give us the accountability that we are so lacking with our State School Board Officials. All those that serve the public should be accountable to the public with the same election process. An added  bonus with partisan school board races is that it will allow ALL candidates to be endorsed by a party. Instead of one candidate being financed, supported and endorsed by the “School Board Party”  other candidates could run and be endorsed by the Republican Party, the Democrat Party or any other political party.


Please vote YES on HB228



Thanks Kris Kimball

United Women’s Forum