To: miriamelliswang,
Subject: Yes on HB 228
Date: Fri Mar 07 04:58:58 MST 2014
If there is any political issue that should be open, transparent, and under the control of the citizens of Utah, it is education.  Our children are worth everything to us and, right now, spend more waking hours in school than they do at home.  It is absolutely vital that those who make decisions regarding their education were elected by us and answer to us.  

Schools are no place for politics and corruption.  Please vote yes on HB 228 to ensure that our children come first.  

Unions and special interests, not even the PTA, speak for us.  They may speak loudly... but they certainly don't represent the voters.  If they did, they wouldn't be afraid of open elections and transparency.

Thank you.

Miriam Ellis
Lehi, UT