From: Patrice J. Pederson
To: Patrice Pederson,
Subject: The so-called "Balanced Budget Bill" has a TERRIBLE risk to reward ratio!
Date: Fri Mar 07 01:25:53 MST 2014
Please tell me a) why would Congress call a convention and then just hand over all of their power, and b) why would Congress or the President obey this new law when they ignore the current one? 

Best-case scenario, your force Congress to raise taxes. Worst-case scenario, they toss out the best constitution in the history of the world. That is one seriously bad risk! 

I sincerely appreciate your efforts to balance to balance the budget. This is just the wrong approach, and at the wrong time.

Patrice Pederson

PS, If you agree, feel free to share the meme. I made it myself. :)

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