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Subject: Medicaid Expansion and County Health and Human Services
Date: Fri Mar 07 00:50:43 MST 2014

Medicaid Expansion in UTAH 

What does it mean for County Health and Human Services? 


Medicaid Expansion has been a hot topic among a number of states. Utah is currently in the midst of deciding how to go about expanding medicaid. Our program looks at a couple of the plans that have been proposed by the Senate and the House; along with how those changes would impact county services that deal with behavioral health and substance abuse.

The issues for counties is that they are the last line of defense in providing care for people who can't afford insurance. Regardless of what happens, counties will not turn people away, currently people aren't receiving the help they need until they are further along in their illness and in many cases the sheriff's office has been involved.

Tune into the discussion this Sunday Morning at 8:30 on ABC4Utah, or click the link above to see the show early on YouTube.




ICYMI Transfer of Public Lands Act  

Same Enabling Acts ... Different Results.


March 2012, Governor Herbert signed HB148, Utah's Transfer of Public Lands Act, which demands that the United States extinguish title to Federal Lands and turn them over to the state to manage by the end of 2014. There are a number or resources on the internet to get more background on the ACT and find out what other western states are doing at


This week on the County Seat we ask, What is the status of Transfer of Public Lands in Utah?


A number of organizations such as, National Association of Counties, The National Republican Committee, and a number of States have passed resolutions in favor of Transfer of Public Lands.

We also had an opportunity to talk to two professors from the University of Utah about the constitutional and political issues involved in a transfer of public lands.


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