From: Karen Jordan
To: Rebecca Lockhart,
Subject: SB 228
Date: Thu Mar 06 23:18:57 MST 2014

SB 228  may be brought forward last minute.  Please vote NO if this bill comes before the House. This serves no purpose other than making it more difficult for citizens to be heard.



- Daily efforts of combing through records to ensure these provisions are met would distract from the effort at hand rather than gathering signatures throughout the City.



Citizens must already ensure a percentage of all voters from the previous Presidential election - a difficult thing to do  in the time frame allotted.  This bill requires that same percentage gathered from a "majority" of precincts in the City. This is a double whammy on citizens exercising their rights to a referendum or initiative.


Please vote no on SB 228.

Karen Jordan
"Just because you CAN does not necessarily mean you SHOULD"