From: Bob Wright
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Melvin Brown, Jack Draxler, Becky Edwards, lcivory, John G. Mathis, Ryan Wilcox, lodee, Dixon Pitcher, Jon Cox, jrspendlove, Doug Sagers, mnoel, Earl Tanner, John Knotwell, Don Ipson, Keith Grover, Richard Greenwood, Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Kay Mciff, Eric Hutchings, Craig Hall, John Westwood, Curt Webb, Michael Mckell, Steve Handy, Kay Christofferson, Jerry Anderson, rogerbamus, Edward Redd, Ronda Menlove, Mike Kennedy, Brian Greene, Stewart Barlow, LaVar Christensen, Paul Ray, Keven John Stratton, Dean Sanpei, Kraig Powell, Val Peterson, Jim Nielson, Daniel McCay, David Lifferth, Brad Last, Greg Hughes, Steve Eliason, rconningham, Lowry Snow, Francis Gibson, Brad Wilson, Jon Stanard, Marc Roberts, jerermyapeterson, Dana Layton, Gage Froerer, Jim Bird, Johnny Anderson, Jacob Anderegg, Jim Dunnigan,
Subject: say NO to SB228
Date: Thu Mar 06 23:04:32 MST 2014
This bill is not in the best interest for the citizens of UTAH. It restricts our right to recourse unnecessarily, and puts a burden on citizens and City and County recorders to account for everybody who voted in the last General election, and in each voting district, which is ridiculous. The State voting law is for 10% of signatures on a petition. That is sufficient a burden for citizens to meet in order to receive JUSTICE. I cannot understand why elected STATE Legislators, who are supposed to represent ALL CITIZENS concerns with impunity, would year after year attempt to hog tie and restrict our attempts for recourse against LOCAL run away government taxation. PLEASE VOTE NO ON SB 228. The only protection for citizens is with our STATE LEGISLATORS. BOB WRIGHT 1010 N. 700 W OREM UTAH 84057 801-226 0862 email