From: Heidi Estes
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: VOTE YES on HB169
Date: Thu Mar 06 21:29:08 MST 2014
Representative Sanpei,

I'm writing to you because you are on the Education Committee and I have been so concerned about the data mining and sharing of personal and now identifiable information of my children.  So much so that I feel I should opt my kids out of all the state testing.  With the change in the FERPA (Privacy Protection Laws) and to comply with the requirements of Common Core to share this kind of information or at least leaving no protection so that it couldn't be shared - even with third party entities without my consent, I am deeply troubled.  I am appalled to think they could take such liberties with our children and with us, thinking they could get away with this and that we wouldnt care!   Why haven't parents been notified that they were doing this?  When parents start finding out what is going on and who let this happen I believe there will be a pushback like no other.

Please pass this bill so that I can be ensured that my children's personal information is protected.

Thank you,

Heidi Estes