From: Peter Cannon
To: Peter Cannon,
Subject: YES for HB228 Utah State Board of Education Elections and Reporting Amendments
Date: Thu Mar 06 21:06:23 MST 2014
     The main problem with our current State School Board election process is the method of selecting candidates for the general election.

     At party caucuses citizens choose their most trusted and respected neighbors to be delegates to their party conventions. If you pass HB228, those conventions will choose the best state school board candidates to represent their party in the general election. These delegates have been very good at choosing excellent candidates for our legislature.

     “Partisan” is NOT a four letter word! Partisan school board elections will not corrupt our schools. Instead, they will give us the caliber of school board members we have in our legislature.

     Municipal and local school board elections may work as non-partisan elections because candidates need to contact relatively few voters to inform them about their candidacy. But State School Board districts are twice as large as state senate districts. There, more than ever, we need delegates to dig into candidate qualifications and principles for us so we have the best possible candidates to choose from in the general election.

     Utah tried non-partisan primaries to choose state school board candidates over a 10-year period from 1937 to 1947. We changed it because it was not good. Please do not take us back to a previously failed method.

Thank You,

Peter Cannon

Davis School Board, District #3