From: Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Why Tennessee Senators Voted Yes-28 to No-1 Today to U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment Article V Resolution
Date: Thu Mar 06 20:40:28 MST 2014
Dear Honorable Dean Sanpei,

"It has become unfortunately obvious to me that the federal government has no willingness to curtail their own spending. While I think there are some possible risks in a con con,  I think the protections we have put in place with the faithful delegate bill as well as having to come back and get ratification by the states help assuage my fears. Of course,  the fear of the damage caused by an economic collapse overpowers almost all other realistic concerns."


Yours in service,


Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield

Balanced Budget Campaign In The States

Washington On Debt




We Demand a Balanced Budget


Citizens Against Government Waste


Families for America


National Tax-Limitation Committee


I Am American


The Jeffersonian Project


The Reagan Project

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