Subject: please vote yes on HB228, HB77, HB342, no on HB131
Date: Thu Mar 06 18:38:57 MST 2014
HB228-  Since I believe the State Board of Education  is to represent parents throughout the state, and not to represent the governor, I believe that the people should have much more control over who represents them.  This bill helps move things that direction.

- Please, Please!  Let Utah design their own standards, and not be stuck with the margins in   CommonCore.  If you abbreviate CommonCore to its two initials, CC, like you see in the address field when sending an email, I think that about sums up what the program is to do.   It's designed to 

Education Devices last I saw this sets aside $150 million to do so, but consensus from legislators at the JSD Townhall last week is that it will cost at least double that, to begin with. Giving each student an electronic device is something that can be useful in some situations. Not all. It's also never a one-time expense; there's upkeep, software, training, personnel, replacement. This is the type of decision that is best made on the local level, with their own prioritized money. In addition, this bill is likely to cost us $300 million dollars... coincidentally, the same amount of money as Senator Arent's proposed enormous tax increase for parents. (SB118). Please do not give the Senate any more reason to increase our taxes!  I believe that education is less about having the latest and greatest, and more about character, self-discipline, work ethic, and knowing how to properly apply what you've learned.

HB77- I would prefer to have a system that takes less money away from its citizens, in the form of taxes. This bill helps enable this. When money is taken, it always comes back under someone else's terms. To complicate matters, there is a bill in the Senate this year (SB118) to limit personal tax deductions to two. This would really put homeschoolers in a bind: they'd be paying more tax than ever before for a service they not only do not use, but pay for their own version out-of-pocket. Essentially, they'd be not only paying completely for their own, but also paying for the much more expensive public version.
I'm in favor of HB77 to begin with, but even more so with SB 118 on the table.

Thank you,

Rhonda Hair