From: Shannon Stead
To: Francis Gibson,
Subject: Please pass SB 39 on Home School Amendments
Date: Thu Mar 06 18:20:05 MST 2014
Dear Representative,

I  would like to ask and encourage you strongly to pass SB 39 out of committee. Please allow parents the right to choose how to educate their own children.

I was educated at home and having the freedom to have deep and personal education at home has been the biggest blessing in my life. Research shows that student's needs are different and they learn in different ways. Parent's should have the freedom to give their children what is best by being able to give them the education they choose. I will always be grateful that my parents had the liberty and freedom that our country provides to home school me. I have never ever regretted it. In fact, I feel that I have had a much better education because of it. I have since earned a bachelor degree and I currently teach children in my community.

The state has no right to prescribe and dictate how and what we learn. Curriculum and schooling should be a choice of the parents. Please vote for freedom by allowing parents to choose how to educate their own children and allow homeschoolers their right. Thank you.


Shannon Stead