From: Judy Cox
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Vote NO on SB 228
Date: Thu Mar 06 16:31:27 MST 2014

Rep. Sanpei:


SB 228 Geographic Diversity Amendments is a repeat of efforts last year which failed, has passed the Senate, and may be brought to the House last minute.  


- It is a data collection and logistical nightmare.


- The County Clerk's office has said they currently have no way to track this data. Citizens and clerks would be working daily to comb through records to ensure these provisions were met rather than gathering signatures throughout the City.  A fluid voter registration list ensures this would be virtually impossible to do!


- Laws and elected officials are not voted for in this way.


- This bill does not solve any perceived issue or one that has already occurred.


Citizens who are boots on the ground must already ensure a percentage of all voters from the previous Presidential election - a difficult thing to do  in the time frame allotted.  

This bill requires that same percentage gathered from a "majority" of precincts in the City. This is a double whammy on citizens exercising their rights to a referendum or initiative.


Please vote no on SB 228.

Judy Cox




20% of voters who voted in last Presidential election must sign = 5,00 total signatures required

50 precincts in a City

25 of  those precincts must ensure 20% of registered voters in those precincts have signed as well.

A handful of votes shy from a majority of precincts would invalidate the entire referendum - a grossly unfair penalty for citizen's door to door efforts.