From: Josh Christensen
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: SB0112S01 gamefowl fighting amendments
Date: Thu Mar 06 15:18:46 MST 2014
Representative, Sanpei I ask that you please oppose SB0112S01 gamefowl fighting amendments, Gene Davis's false & inaccurate statements isn't what our constitution is about! The fear tactic strategy that he imposes such as: drug dealers, prostitution, gun runner, etc..... Without any evidence is a wreck less thing for a senator to do and this discriminates against a small but no less important group of people. Prostitution is already in Utah and it is only a class B misdemeanor if one is caught in the act ( Drugs are also here in Utah and yet they say cockfighters bring these kind of illegal activities in which is false. A class A misdemeanor in Utah states things like negligent homicide, assault on a police officer, theft & drugs. Cockfighting does not bring in guns, drugs or prostitution & does not belong in this category. The only documented study ever done on cockfighting was by two college professors in 1974 to 1991 states cockfighters where law abiding, God fearing, religious & honest hard working Americans. Furthermore they found that cockfighters didn't do it for the money more for breeding & maintaining a strain of fowl and that there was no "differences in people who participated in this sport and those who did not".(American Cocker). Gene Davis, Johnny Anderson & HSU doesn't have a shred of documented evidence to support these claims in Utah. A federal court has already ruled that cockfighting is a victimless crime & that transporting gamecocks across state lines with the intent to fight is a federal offense. Gene Davis openly lies & says it is because Utah well become a cockfighting magnet. In Idaho cockfighting is a class C misdemeanor for the first offense and Idaho doesn't say you can't own them, California is also a class C misdemeanor state. Utah should create our own law & not follow along like dogs behind every other state, like Gene Davis & HSU wants us to do. A class C misdemeanor for the first and any subsequent offenses or legalize & regulated cockfighting. Police officers agree that cockfighting is almost "non existence in Utah & that this is a law looking for a problem". All this well do is drain Utah's economy even more & put average tax paying Utah citizens in prison with rapist, murderers, drug dealers, child molesters & their lives put in real danger by real criminals, all for the sake of a chicken. Chickens are exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958, which means they do NOT need numbing aids before they are slaughtered, such as cattle, sheep, pigs etc.... This is because they are not as aware as other animals; one can train a dog, horse, cattle, but a chicken does not have that capability. According to the USDA in 2008 24 million chickens were killed a day in the U.S. for slaughter & yet gamefowl farmers can't harvest their gamecocks the same way Washington, Jefferson, Mason & Lincoln did. Commercial poultry live horrible lives compared to highly prized gamefowl, it is perfectly legal for commercial poultry to have their feet & beaks removed without numbing aids so that they won't fight. Also to be put in a large facility with thousands more where they get bunched up, and get heart burn, lung burn & knee burn do to all the manure on the ground. Gamefowl are treated like kings compared to their cousins, something comparable to say a prized race horse. Gamefowl live in 4 foot by 8 foot pens all to theirselves or placed on string walks on fresh grass with an eight foot radius. Furthermore gamecocks get wormed twice a month, deloused once a month & feed vitamins once a week & cockfighters harvest their fowl by using the meat and by selling the feathers for tying flys. A BIG rumor floating a around by the HSUS and their supporters is that cockfighters force gamecocks to fight, history & science says otherwise! One could put gamecocks twenty feet apart and they'd still fight all by themselves without human interference to the death. It is a genetic trait that the gamecock possess and other domesticated poultry doesn't. The gamecock is it's own strain and the HSUS and their supporters would love to see them all killed. On every raid the HSUS does on gamecock farmers/ranchers they take the gamecocks & kill them. In animal shelters in Utah it is acceptable to put cats and dogs down with C02 poisoning (gas chamber). Where the animal doesn't have a choice in the matter, a gamecock has a choice, fight or don't fight. Falconry is a protected sport in Utah because of tradition and heritage, the falcon is not allowed to kill the prey only wounding it & prolonging death. It has to be done this way or the falcon would no longer need the falconer. Furthermore falconry is only for pleasure & amusement, it isn't a commercially used activity, it's just for fun. Cockfighting is just a matter of taste, it is no worse than the way animal shelters put animals down, no worse than commercial poultry, no worse than falconry or no worse than hunting its self; in hunting the animal doesn't have a choice in the matter, and it is more aware than poultry. Under the 14th amendment (equal protection clause) cockfighting should be legal for the small fact it is no worse than any of the above. It is just as much part of our cultural heritage and tradition as falconry or the U.S. constitution and for that fact alone it should be a protected sport in the U.S. by law. According to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act of 2006 the HSUS shouldn't even be aloud to target cockfighters, because it is a huge enterprise it's world wide. The act states: (AETA) is a United States federal law (Pub.L. 109–374; 18 U.S.C. § 43) that prohibits any persons from engaging in certain conduct "for the purpose of damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise."[1] The statute covers any act that either "damages or causes the loss of any real or personal property" or "places a person in reasonable fear" of injury. In Gene Davis bill he states we don't have the right to own gamecocks and that they'll be taken, gamecocks are personal property, that title goes against our constitutional rights, liberties, property rights & husbandry act. The HSUS says we as cockfighters are violent criminals but yet they are the ones who burn buildings, turn animals loose, which are peoples living, cut fences at the hogle zoo, and call and threaten senators and representatives because they don't get their way. We cockfighters have always been courteous, kind, honest people that just want to practice our sport that we love so much and have dedicated our lives to. We should consider legalizing & regulating cockfighting. It would be better for Utah's economy than to put cockfighters in jail or prison and have them payed for by tax payers. Legalizing cockfighting would benefit Utah more so than turning a blind eye on it. There would be more jobs, you could put a tax on the facility and the earnings. Regulated as to say no alcohol, no gambling etc.... In Oklahoma this great sport brought in $113,000,000 annually every year when legal. The states that are either first time misdemeanor or misdemeanors all the way are: California, New Mexico, Idaho, South Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Utah, South Carolina, Louisiana, West Virginia and Hawaii. Idaho- legal to own or poses gamecocks, legal to own implements, legal to be a spectator, cockfighting- misdemeanor. The same goes for Hawaii, Kentucky, Alabama & Mississippi. For any further questions on this subject you can contact me at Thank you for your time, Joshua Christensen Sent from my iPhone