From: Alyson Williams
Subject: Yes on HB228 from Spanish Fork
Date: Thu Mar 06 15:10:17 MST 2014
Dear Representative,

I've spent years trying to get to know my current State School Board representative. Even during the last election cycle when he was up for re-election he was completely unavailable by phone or email and did not appear at any publicized public forums. 

I believe this is because with the current election process, there is no electoral accountability to the very people they are supposed to represent. State School Board members represent more citizens per member than any other elected office divided by region. How is this ok?

HB223 tries to remedy this same problem with a "non-partisan" election. There is no way to keep politics out of education, that is why the politics that do sneak in should be transparent. I believe that non-partisan elections favor candidates with greater resources, like those backed by teachers unions or other large organizations. I think we can expect this result because we've tried this system before moving to the current way. 

Partisan election processes provide a system for vetting candidates in person and according to identified principles, like local control. 

Let's not repeat failed methods of the past but move forward to try something better for the families who want an accessible way to vet and support responsive and accountable candidates. 

Please vote yes on HB228!

Alyson Williams