From: Politics
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Please consider and pass HB 169 (Student Privacy Act)
Date: Thu Mar 06 15:06:48 MST 2014
I'm an information security consultant and parent. I see how personal information is handled at banks, insurance companies, marketing agencies, and government agencies. In a professional capacity I can say that in information is collected, it will be shared. The extent to which information is shared can be limited by legislation. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, wasn't good legislation to begin with, and has been recently modified to expand provisions to share data with third parties, and restrict parental rights over the control of this data. HB 169 is sorely needed. As a concerned parent, I've worked to understand how information is shared with administrators or superintendents in two school districts, two charter schools, as well as Superintendent Menlove and two of his assistant superintendents. All have varying opinions about the risks of sharing student data, and how they plan to protect it. Unfortunately, all recognize that recent changes in the law prevent them from protecting student data as in the past, or to the degree many parents expect. As changes at a federal level trend toward restricting or eliminating the rights of parents, local schools and parents need a bill that will help them protect their children. Parents and students need more protection that what was or is offered in FERPA. Please pass HB169. Todd Seager