From: Adele Kammeyer
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Please Vote YES on Hb 169
Date: Thu Mar 06 05:57:46 MST 2014
  Students naturally own their personally identifiable information, and it's a violation of their individual rights, an invasion of their privacy, and a usurpation of parental authority for school representatives (teachers, administrators, or other employees) to collect, store, and aggregate information about any student without the explicit consent of that student's parent/guardian. Other than the 13 points of allowable student data as specified in lines 60-74 of the bill, students' personal information is exactly that -- PERSONAL -- and is therefore outside the purview of any school representative who does not have the explicit consent of each individual student's parent/guardian.

I expect you to vote yes on HB 169 and thereby reaffirm what should actually be obvious and unnecessary to state: that parents -- not schools -- have ultimate authority over and responsibility for their children, as students or otherwise, including ownership and control of student personal information. Thank you for your attention and cooperation on this important issue -- I look forward to seeing this bill pass easily out of committee.

Thank you,

Adele Kammeyer
"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured"