From: Scott & Elizabeth Nielson
To: Jim Nielson,
Subject: Vote YES on HB 169
Date: Thu Mar 06 05:16:08 MST 2014
Dear Utah State Legislature House Education Committee members,

As a concerned parent and active member in the community and my local public schools, I expect you to vote YES on HB 169, Student Privacy Act, sponsored by Jacob Anderegg.

I cannot imagine how honest and conscientious persons can decide that another individual’s personally identifiable information is not worth protecting, especially a child’s information!

Students own their personally identifiable information, and it is a violation of their individual rights, and invasion of their privacy, and a usurpation of parental authority for school representatives to collect, store, share, and aggregate information about any student without the explicit consent of that student’s parent/guardian. 
Again, I expect you to vote YES on HB 169.  Parents—not school employees, etc.—have ultimate authority over and responsibility for their children.  This includes ownership and control of student personal information. 

Thanks you for your attention and cooperation on this important issue.  Your votes on this and several other bills will most definitely let us, your constituents, know whether you really represent the interests and desires of your community, or whether you are acting as a government pawn.

Thank you for your time,
E. Nielson