From: Morgan
Subject: Please vote YES on HB 169 Student Privacy Act
Date: Thu Mar 06 03:31:39 MST 2014
HB 169 provides a foundation of privacy for the oncoming storm of technology in our schools. Before passing laws that effectively give technology companies access to our kids; we need to establish the rights of our students, boundaries to protect those rights, and consequences for violating those boundaries. HB 169 does that.

HB 169 protects Student's data rights by:

1. Granting ownership of personally identifiable information to students.

2. Prohibiting Schools from collecting and storing data on students' juvenile delinquency records, criminal records, medical and health records, social security number, and biometric information.

3. Limiting the student data schools are allowed to collect without express permission to only the 13 types of data necessary for the schools to function.

4. Mandating the SBOE publicly list all data elements and their definitions collected in the State school data systems.

Please help protect Utah's students' right to privacy. Please vote YES on HB 169 Student Privacy Act tomorrow at the committee meeting.

~Morgan Olsen