From: Jeff and Pam Budge
Subject: Vote YES on H.B. 169
Date: Thu Mar 06 03:30:13 MST 2014

I urge you to vote YES on Rep. Anderegg’s H.B. 169 Student Privacy Act in your committee meeting tomorrow.

With the increased capability of data collection and the weakening of data protection, this bill is a necessity.

This bill makes an important distinction between “allowable student data” (line 60-74), “optional student data” (line 85-92), & “prohibited student data” (line 121-128). This is critical in providing clarification.

This bill provides parents/students the discretion to authorize the collection/sharing of optional student data (line 157-160).

This bill will help increase transparency by requiring an education entity to prepare a written student data disclosure for parents and adult students (line 280-295). It also requires that State Board to create and make publicly available information on student data. (line 304-310).

Currently, student data is being collected and shared without parental knowledge and without parental consent. This bill takes steps to correct that. I believe parents/students have the right to know how their data is being used and how it is being protected.

Once again, I urge you to vote YES on H.B. 169. Thank you for your consideration.



Pamela Budge