From: Sandra Krueger
To: Susan Duckworth, Jim Dunnigan, Becky Edwards, Janice Fisher, Gage Froerer, Francis Gibson, Brian Greene, Richard Greenwood, Keith Grover, Craig Hall, Steve Handy, Lynn Hemingway, Greg Hughes, Eric Hutchings, Don Ipson, Ken Ivory, Mike Kennedy, Brian King, John Knotwell, Brad Last, dlifferth, Rebecca Lockhart, John G. Mathis, Daniel McCay, Kay Mciff, Michael Mckell, Ronda Menlove, Carol Moss, Merrill Nelson, Jim Nielson, Michael Noel, Curtis Oda, Jeremy Peterson, Val Peterson, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Paul Ray, Edward Redd, Angela Romero, Doug Sagers, Dean Sanpei, Jennifer M. Seelig, Lowry Snow, Jon Stanard, Keven John Stratton, Earl Tanner, Curt Webb, John Westwood, Mark A. Wheatley, Ryan Wilcox, Larry Wiley,
Subject: Please support HB134
Date: Thu Mar 06 00:04:40 MST 2014
Dear Representative,
You will be voting on Representative Eliason’s bill HB134 which will allocate some of the surplus funds from the CFP fees for a firearm safety program. I can’t imagine a better use of this money than to sponsor safe gun storage. A program to educate and encourage gun owners to lock up their firearms has the potential to save lives.  Just one child’s life saved because of this program will be worth it. If a young adult can’t get a parents gun when they feel suicidal that could be just the time needed to get that teen the help they need.  Children are curious and we all know of stories where a child was able to access a gun with tragic consequences. HB134 is legislation that is good for Utah.
Please support HB134
Sandy Krueger
Utah Citizen