From: Debbie Gulledge
To: Debbie Gulledge,
Subject: Please vote NO on HB 417 for ELA Instructional Tool
Date: Wed Mar 05 21:57:48 MST 2014

House Education Committee Member:


This Bill to move our children into learning language skills for informational texts is wrong.  The beauty of good literature is that it teaches and it teaches well.  It’s been teaching civilizations for centuries.  The Oxford English Dictionary, which was a mammoth project in demonstrating the living quality of the English language, was created in large part from good literature – not technical writing samples. 


Why are the leaders in Utah – of all places – taking their educational cues from individuals who have NO experience in education?  It is obscene what is happening to our schools!  There is a reason it is called language arts.  It penetrates our minds and understanding on such a deeper level than informational texts.  It allows us to feel sympathy so we don’t make the mistakes of our forebears.  It exposes us to beauty and goodness so we desire it in our lives.  Likewise, it introduces ugliness and evil so that we want to rid ourselves and communities of it.


Scriptural text implores us to “seek ye out of the best books” – NOT documents, scientific journals, government briefs and legal depositions – BOOKS!


Please, remember what you have learned from real literature and realize that although there may be a place in education to learn some things from informational texts, they should NEVER REPLACE QUALITY LITERATURE.



Deborah Gulledge


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