From: McFadden Clan
To: Brad Last,
Subject: SB39 Home School Amendments
Date: Wed Mar 05 20:58:52 MST 2014

Dear Utah House Education Committee:

I am writing as a parent in support of SB 39 Homeschool Amendments. I support the amendment to allow parents the ability to determine their children's education. I have homeschooled 2 of my 4 children for two and a half years as the need arose. They currently attend a charter school and I appreciate the flexibility and freedom to find educational programs that best fit their needs and their educational pursuits. They both test above grade level, and because of educational freedom, are able to study and focus their academic interests.

Many important policy decisions affecting home schooling have been made over the past several decades. The UHEA board recognizes that these decisions are made based on either the perceived or actual academic performance of home educated students.

Based on numerous studies, it is clear that the average home school child performs significantly higher than the average public school child.

The Utah Constitution cites the need for frequent recurrence to fundamental principles. The UHEA agrees with the Legislature in recognizing that "parents or guardians are a child's first teachers and are responsible for the education of their children." Please support SB39 Home School Amendments to allow parents to be responsible for the education of their children.


Anna McFadden