From: Hansens
To: Brad Last, Val Peterson, Richard Cunningham, Dean Sanpei, Patrice Arent, Marie Poulson, Greg Hughes, Lowry Snow, Francis Gibson, Kraig Powell, Steve Eliason, Carol Moss, Daniel McCay, David Lifferth, Jim Nielson, Keven John Stratton, Wayne Harper, Jim Dunnigan,
Subject: Request of support for SB39
Date: Wed Mar 05 18:59:23 MST 2014

House Education Committee Members,

I am writing in support of “SB39 Homeschool Amendments”.  And I am asking that you please support this legislation.  I have been homeschooling my children for the past eight years.  For those eight years I have been providing notarized, certified mail affidavits to Granite School District annually, and the district has responded with a lack of courtesy and in an excessively slow manner each year in response.  I am confident the proposed legislation requiring parents to submit a one-time affidavit will lessen the paperwork burdens and tensions between the school districts and homeschooling families.  As a homeschool parent, I can say that homeschool families in general have ALWAYS felt fully responsible for choosing curriculum and establishing clear learning standards for our respective children.  I have always been impressed by the devotion and character of homeschooling families in general, who truly are dedicated to their children, by teaching them at home, and continually striving to make that education of the highest quality. Homeschooling is not a decision any family takes lightly.  Your support of the legislative changes proposed in this bill are in support not only of choice in education, but in support of parents and families, and is most welcome.  On behalf of my family and many other homeschooling families I have the pleasure of knowing, I ask you to please give this bill your support.


Rebecca Hansen

Taylorsville, Utah