From: Suzzette Liu
To: Keven John Stratton, Dean Sanpei, Kraig Powell, Marie Poulson, Val Peterson, Jim Nielson, Carol Moss, Daniel McCay, David Lifferth, Brad Last, Greg Hughes, Steve Eliason, Richard Cunningham, "parent parent", Lowry Snow, Francis Gibson,
Subject: Please vote NO on HB 417 for ELA Instructional Tool
Date: Wed Mar 05 17:12:14 MST 2014
Dear Representatives,
Please vote NO on HB 417 for ELA Instructional Tool
"Common Core Standards’ architect David Coleman, and his group Student Achievement partners, have created a text complexity metric designed to assess the progression of text complexity in student reading.  The goal of this new metric is to elevate informational text above great and proven literary works. Hillsdale College History Professor, Dr. Terrence Moore detailed in his book, “Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core” how the English language arts are being destroyed by this new metric which calls for “range” in texts. “Range”, as Dr. Moore identifies, is code for requiring modern day, unproven and politically biased authors to be read in accelerated rates as compared to great and proven literary authors. Dr. Moore points out that this flawed Common Core reading metric actually calls for the Grapes of Wrath to be read in SECOND GRADE!!!, while a George Clooney article would be considered a “complex text” to be read in 11th grade."
--Literature based on the Classics ("proven literary works") helps teach morals and creates better citizens for our country and world. 
--Informational text is boring and does not inspire learning.  While it is necessary, it needs to be kept to a minimum of English class instruction not the majority of the instruction. 
Thank You!
Suzzette Liu
Roy, UT
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