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Subject: Please vote NO on HB 223 for school board elections - I’m a constituent
Date: Wed Mar 05 17:12:04 MST 2014
We need partisan elections not non-partisan elections. We need Rep Brain Greene's Bill  HB 228. Vote no on HB 223

The  State School Board is responsible for administering 65% of our tax money in Utah . This is by far the biggest expenditure of State money and it needs partisan elections to allow the rigorous system of delegate scrutiny and review to get competing voices on the Board who actually represent their constituents and not special interest groups, the education establishment, or compromise state standards and children's learning for the carrot of easy Federal Education dollars. Common Core is a monstrosity that needs removal and it seems the only way to protect our kids from this and other  future  forms of sub par standards is to gain access to the State School Board via partisan  elections.
Stuart Wallace, South Jordan