From: Ann Watson
Subject: Please Vote NO on HB417
Date: Wed Mar 05 15:56:21 MST 2014
Dear House Education Committee Member,

We are very much opposed to HB 417 which puts informational texts above the great books of literature that have been studied in schools for decades, if not centuries.  The Founding Fathers, in fact, received a "classical education".  With that education they were able to formulate the great, ruling documents of our Nation.  They were able to do this by studying the histories of the world and by reading the literature of the great minds of times past.  It is our desire that we see education be returned to the "classical model" rather than focusing on the informational texts that are being promoted thru Common Core.

We would like to ask you to please vote "NO" on HB 417.

Thank you,
David & Ann Watson
Eagle Mountain