From: Abigail Dickie
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson, Melvin Brown, Brad Wilson, Dean Sanpei, Jennifer M. Seelig, Tim Cosgrove, rchouch, Joel Briscoe, Jack Draxler, Brad Last, Lowry Snow, Steve Urquhart, lreid, Evan Vickers, mnoel, Jon Stanard, Ralph Okerlund,
Subject: Please Regulate e-cigarettes.
Date: Wed Mar 05 02:32:02 MST 2014
To the Representatives of Utah,

     Hello, my name is Abigail Dickie and I am a 15 year old High School Student from southern Utah, and I am a member of the Washington County Youth Coalition. The Washington County Youth Coalition is a youth organization funded by the State and Health Department, and there are about 40 members that represent 7 High Schools. We work to make our community and schools a better, healthier, and safer place to live. 
     We have seen the increasing problem of e-cigarettes all around us in our community, and especially in our schools. Many of our piers have picked up e-cigarettes, and we see it everywhere we go. Their reasons for buying e-cigarettes? Because they believe, as the advertisements have told them, that they are harmless. Whereas normal tobacco products are not allowed to advertise so freely. Our piers have also had a much easier time obtaining the e-cigarettes than normal tobacco products. Mostly due to the fact that they are put out on counters and shelves where they are easily taken, instead of being treated like normal tobacco products and being placed behind the counter.
       Two of the basic concerns we have about e-cigarettes, is the fact that they are UN-regulated, and UN-tested. They are not being treated like normal tobacco products and are not being regulated. Though it would be great if they really were just water vapor, and they were much better for you, the truth is we don't know if they truly are. Until they are tested they should be regulated and treated as tobacco products.