From: Abigail Dickie
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson, Melvin Brown, Brad Wilson, Dean Sanpei, Jennifer M. Seelig, Tim Cosgrove, rchouch, Joel Briscoe, Jack Draxler, Brad Last, Lowry Snow, Steve Urquhart, lreid, Evan Vickers, mnoel, Jon Stanard, Ralph Okerlund,
Subject: Please regulate e-cigerettes.
Date: Wed Mar 05 02:07:04 MST 2014
To the Representatives of Utah

  Hello, my name is Abigail Dickie and I am a 15 year old High School student from southern Utah, and I am a member of the Washinton County Youth Coalition. The Washington County Youth Coalition is a youth organization with about 40 members that represent 7 High Schools, and we fight to make our community and schools a better and a healthier place to live.