From: Nancy Peterson
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Please support 1SB39 - Home School Amendments
Date: Tue Mar 04 22:01:43 MST 2014

Dear Representative Sanpei,
Please support the passage of 1SB39, Home School Amendments. I support this for several reasons.
1. There is no way to effectively enforce compliance of home school families.
2. National studies show that home schooling is, at it's worst, equivalent in success to public schooled children.
3. The Supreme Court recognizes the fundamental right of parents to direct their children's education.
4. It provides that parents may choose to put their child back into the public school system in the grade they feel is best. However, the teacher may request a review after 30 days if they feel the child is not at the appropriate grade level. The cost of further testing is covered by parents, as it should be. There is no burden to the taxpayers.

I began home schooling my son in seventh grade. He was in special ed with an IEP, but was suffering severely socially and academically. We could see a change in his personality as he slipped through the cracks.
He was ready to go back in what would have been the last half of his sophomore year of high school, and we requested that he be placed in 9th grade instead because of his IEP and the fact that he was very young in his class anyway (summer birthday).
The school district refused to make this allowance against our wishes.
The good news is, he no longer needed an IEP and did very well. The bad news is that because he was not placed in 9th grade as we felt was best, it was virtually impossible to make up credits. Therefore, he missed the opportunity to get a diploma. He did get his GED, however, this will definitely impact his standing as he applies for military service. His life's goal may be irrevocably altered because he was not given an opportunity that we knew would be best for him.
I have no doubt that what we did was best for him. He thrived at home both academically, and socially with friends who accepted him and cared about him. Had we the option to place him in the grade that he should have been in, then he would be in a position to pursue more readily his goals to join the military.

Thank you for your support,
Nancy Peterson