From: Dr Brandt R Gibson
To: David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Doug Sagers, Dixon Pitcher, Dean Sanpei, Earl Tanner, Eric Hutchings, Edward Redd, Francis Gibson, Gage Froerer, Greg Hughes, Jacob Anderegg, Johnny Anderson, Janice Fisher, Jim Bird, Joel Briscoe, Jon Cox, Jack Draxler, Jim Dunnigan,
Subject: Please Vote No on HJR-8
Date: Tue Mar 04 18:27:09 MST 2014

It was an absolute miracle that 13 individual colonies came together and created a Constitution that I know was an inspired document for our great country.  But this happened by only requiring 13 colonies to support and ratify it.  The proposal at hand is to now invite 50 states to open and discuss changes to this Constitution.  Many feel that it is “out-of-date”, while others say this will be a limited discussion.  Although I have great respect for individuals that are willing to serve our state or our country, I know that they have faults (as do I) and personal biases.  I wish we still had a James Madison or George Washington that put others before themselves, but that is not always those that are willing and able to serve.  As such, I do not feel it is a good idea to try and improve on an inspired document that has withstood the test of time, while similar (less inspired) documents have fallen all over the world under the pressure of change.   No country has the blessings that we enjoy from our Constitution.


The great blessing of the Constitution is that a mechanism was put forward to amend and change it without and whole sale changes.  The goal of Balanced Budget Amendment can be done without undergoing the convention format.   Therefore, my recommendation is to have this discussion, not a discussion on the Constitutional convention as recommended in HJR-8.


Questions that don’t seem to have answers:


  1. Where will the convention be held?
  2. How many delegates will each state get?   Will large states get 55 delegates while the smallest state gets only 3 according to population?
  3. Will the delegates be elected by the people at large or state legislatures?  Will they be appointed by the governor or political parties? 
  4. Will delegates be chosen from the people or will they consist of legislators, leadership, our congressmen?  What would stop congressmen from making themselves the delegates when they write the rules?  What about governors who surely will assume they should go to represent their states?
  5. How many votes will each state get?   Will it be one state, one vote or would it be the congressional model with the largest state getting 55 votes and the smallest state getting only 3 votes?
  6. How will the president of the convention be chosen?  Who might it be?  
  7. Will there be committees?   If so, how many and what will be their purpose?


My request is that we vote NO to HJR-8 and allow the proper mechanism to continue for amending the Constitution.




Brandt R. Gibson, DPM, MS

Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute

36 North 1100 East, Suite B

American Fork, UT 84003