From: Carie Valentine
To: Brad Last, Val Peterson, Richard Cunningham, Dean Sanpei, Patrice Arent, Marie Poulson, Greg Hughes, Lowry Snow, Francis Gibson, Kraig Powell, Steve Eliason, Carol Moss, Daniel McCay, David Lifferth, Jim Nielson, Keven John Stratton,
Subject: Please Vote YES on 1SB39 Home School Bill
Date: Tue Mar 04 16:53:43 MST 2014
Dear Elected Officials,
I would ask that you vote yes on 1SB39.  Several studies have shown that children who are home schooled fair as well if not markedly better academically than their public school counterparts.  Concerns over children being behind that are returned to public school are overblown and the numbers are not great enough to exact overreaching laws into parental authority on all home school families.  Please support the efforts of Utah families to truly direct the education of their children as their fundamental right. 
Thank you,
Carie Valentine

Carie Valentine
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