From: LeAnn Wood
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Please Vote NO on HB 228 Sub 1
Date: Mon Mar 03 22:58:42 MST 2014

Dear Representative Sanpei

Please vote no on HB 228S01.  I was thrilled to see HB 223 pass out of committee last week and HB 228 fail to move on, unfortunately HB 228 is back.  I am a registered Republican, however I do not feel that an R behind a person's name automatically makes them the best candidate.  Making State School Board elections partisan makes for lazy politics.  In our state, it also guarantees that some ideas will never be brought to the table.

In some counties the Republican candidates never even have opposition because other parties know it is not worth their time or money to put up a candidate.  Is this the goal?  Are we trying to shut out new or different ideas that will be brought up in town hall meetings or on-line debates in a non-partisan direct election?

In a way this reminds  me of what is happening in California.  I am highly critical of Nancy Pelosi, so during the last election cycle I was trying to figure out why she keeps getting reelected.  I went and did some research and found out that she doesn't bother debating her opponents and in fact rarely campaigns in her own state.  She is so confidant of her win that she does not have to answer to her votes or to her mistakes.  

My fear in making the State School Board partisan in a State where one party is in the majority, but where most the voters are undeclared, is that not all voices that care about our children's education will be fairly heard.  Please vote NO on HB 228 Sub 1.

Thank You,
LeAnn Wood
Kaysville, UT