From: Tina Anderson
To: Patrice Arent, Lowry Snow, Brad Last, Carol Moss, Jim Nielson, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Richard Cunningham, Greg Hughes, Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Vote YES on HB 228!
Date: Mon Mar 03 18:59:42 MST 2014
As a parent, I would like to be more informed about who is up for election to the State School Board and what their ideas about education are for my children. I would like the citizens and parents of Utah to be more in control of who we vote into this office and who is in control of my children's education.

The State School Board are the ones who allowed Common Core into our public education system. This atrocity of an educational system needs to be removed and we want the right to vote into office those who we believe will take charge and get rid of it.


Eric and Tina Anderson