From: Dallin Smith
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Yes to SB57
Date: Mon Mar 03 18:27:01 MST 2014
Dean, I'm writing this because I've recently become more informed on SB57 and the importance it can give to children with Autism in Utah. My sister has two children, both with special needs. One is deaf and the other has Autism. What doesn't cease to amaze me is the extensive difference in help that is available between the two kids. While both have special needs, it is incredibly difficult for my autistic nephew to find help. The more research on the matter, it feels as though Autism is not recognized as a legitimate disability. And most specifically in terms of insurance coverage. Currently most insurance agencies are not required to cover Autism, and as a result the special needs programs have to be subsidized in other places, like the homes and school districts. Utah has the highest rate of Autism in the nation with 1 out of every 47 kids falling on the scale. There are countless families that are trying to help their children with Autism but are having issues finding the resources. When SB57 comes to the floor, we hope that you vote yes, requiring insurance providers to help children with Autism rather than turning a blind eye to the issue. Thank you, Dallin Smith