From: Oak Norton
To: Oak Norton,
Subject: Please amend SB 58 so Utah controls the standards
Date: Mon Mar 03 13:27:40 MST 2014

Dear Representative, SB 58 on carbon monoxide detection is a fine bill, but there are 3 at least places in the language that subordinate our standards to whatever NFPA sets. If we leave it this way and they change their standards, by law we would then have to abide by what they decide. Please modify this language so it’s a Utah standard and we’re not subject to someone else’s modifications.

             181          908.7.2.2 Detection equipment. Each carbon monoxide detection system shall be

182      installed in accordance with NFPA 720 and the manufacturer's instructions, and be listed as

183      complying with UL 2034 and UL 2075.

184          908.7.2.3 Locations. Each carbon monoxide detection system shall be installed in the
185      locations specified in
NFPA 720.

195      in accordance with NFPA 720. A carbon monoxide detection system that becomes inoperable

Thank you,


Oak Norton