From: clairesse broschinsky
To: Francis Gibson,
Subject: Please pass HB 342 'Powers and duties of the state board'
Date: Mon Mar 03 05:37:30 MST 2014
  Dear Representative, I am writing to ask that you please PASS HB 342 to put Utah on its OWN higher standards for education. Standards that are created by Utahns, for Utahns. I have many concerns with the common core standards, first and foremost that they are unconstitutional. Simply because the federal government tried to find a way around the law by using the NGA does not mean they should get away with it! Local control of Education has always been our sovereign right and we the people are determined to get back what our 'leaders' gave away without right or just cause. Our children deserve the BEST possible Education and this bill will allow them to receive EXACTLY that. Let Utahns rise to the challenge and create our own, truly 'rigorous' standards. Please PASS this bill. 
Thank you for your time.
Claire B.