From: clairesse broschinsky
To: Francis Gibson,
Subject: Please PASS HB 228 on State Board Elections
Date: Mon Mar 03 05:30:25 MST 2014
Dear Representative, 
I have written before asking for this bill to be brought back because 3 of the members weren't present for the vote, and it's back and I'm SO happy! Now I am writing to please ask that you PASS this bill!  I fully support HB 228 because it would allow for greater transparency in elections to the state board, something that is very much needed. I oppose the current system because it  deprives citizens of getting people onto the state board that have differing views from the Governor’s selection committee; views that I personally share, e.g. opposition to the common core standards.  I believe partisan elections are best for Utah because on an issue as important as Education, parents and teachers DESERVE to have their voices heard as it is our children and students who are affected by the decisions that the board makes. 
Please pass this bill. Thank you for your time.
Claire B.