From: Amy
Subject: Vote Yes on HB 228 State Board Elections
Date: Mon Mar 03 03:51:16 MST 2014
Dear Representative,
I fully support HB 228 which would allow for greater transparency in elections to the state board. I oppose the current system which deprives citizens of getting people onto the state board that have differing views from the Governor’s selection committee. I believe partisan elections are best for Utah because:
 Nobody studies the candidates for school board in elections because they are non-partisan. Making them partisan means hundreds of delegates will examine candidates closely and see who would do the best job from their party. This raises the quality of candidates making them go through a close examination within their political party.
Candidates having to sell their selves to delegates is much less expensive and allows more candidates the opportunity to run without having to have deep cash pockets.

Putting a party line affiliation next to a candidates name helps inform voters that may be unaware of where non-affiliated candidates stand on issues.

Please vote Yes on  HB 228.